These Old Bones Sparkle

Happy October, Stitchy Friends! This is my favourite month of the year (although, if you ask me in the spring, I’ll say May is my favourite month…), and what better way to celebrate it than to share a spooky project everyday. Some days it will be stitching, some days it will be a Cricut craft, and some days it will be card. Who knows! Creepy cute is my favourite thing, so I’ve got lots to share!

Jolly Jointed Skeleton, designed by Dreaming Tree

Jolly Jointed Skeleton, designed by Dreaming Tree

I’m starting off with the Jolly Jointed Skeleton from Dreaming Tree. He is about two feet tall and jointed! How cute is that? I used a super sparkley white/silver glitter paper for his bones, so he really shines. And, to make him extra special I used lavender brads for his joints. Like most of my papercrafts, he was cut out on my Cricut Maker 3.

Dreaming Tree also has a jointed witch and a jointed pumpkin man that I am seriously thinking about making. They are just so cute, and I’m a sucker for the vintage-y Halloween look they¬† have.

Tomorrow I’ll share one of my stitching WIPs that it seasonally appropriate. I had hope to have it done for a trip we were supposed go on this month, but it’s still a WIP and our trip got moved (again).

Happy Spooktober!

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2 Responses to These Old Bones Sparkle

  1. You are obviously going to have fun this month!

  2. Joanne P says:

    He is great! You could have a whole row of dancing skeletons in different positions.