Smalls SAL 2015 – October Check-In

Happy Smalls SAL check-in day! I hope you’ve all found time to stitch up a little small for this month. If not, don’t worry! There is always next month, or even next year.

2015SmallsSALYep, the Smalls SAL will be back for 2016! Yay! I had a lot of really nice emails telling me how much the SAL was appreciated for all the encouragement and motivation it provides. And, to be honest, that makes me feel great. I started the SAL as a way to make sure I had at least one little finish every month, and I am so glad other people find it helpful too. I’ll post info and sign-ups by the end of November or beginning of December.

Now, this month I did have a bit of a hard time getting a piece finished. (You may have noticed that I posted the check-in a little later than normal.) I actually finished up the stitching at the beginning of the month knowing that Thanksgiving and the Creativ Festival would cut into my stitching time. But, I didn’t actually get around to doing the finishing until last night. And then I had to wait for some glue to dry. Oops!

Miss Witchy Mouse, designed by Just Nan

Miss Witchy Mouse, designed by Just Nan

Here she is, though, and well worth the wait. The design is Miss Witchy Mouse from Just Nan. She is stitched on some random natural colour linen, which is a little lighter than the fabric called for in the pattern. I used the threads called for and followed the finishing directions included in the pattern. Miss Witchy turned out so cute!

So, what did you stitch this month? Please use the form near the bottom of the post to link to your finished small. (It will remain open to new entries until about midnight Eastern time on November 5th.) And, if you have some time, please visit some of the other participants.

November Check-In: Next month’s check-in will take place on November 25th. I believe that is the day before American Thanksgiving. But, don’t panic! The list will remain open to new entries for a week, just like normal. Enjoy your turkey, take a break, and post when you can..

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11 Responses to Smalls SAL 2015 – October Check-In

  1. Judith says:

    So beautiful, love it

  2. Emma says:

    Thank you for hosting again next year, I am hoping I do better in 2016 than I did this year! 🙂

    Your mouse is so sweet – i love it!

  3. Kimberly says:

    The mouse is adorable! I keep eyeing the mice and can’t make myself buy them, I don’t enjoy stitching her designs up.

  4. Such a cute finish and I am so very glad that the Smalls SAL will be continuing next year. I find it a really great SAL, most inspirational, thank you.

  5. Irmeli says:

    How cute little mouse, nice finishing.

  6. Brenda Wilson says:

    Oh that is soooo cute hanging!!! I had stitched mine earlier this year and did the finishing last month….minus the broom. I was a little confused on it. But now I’ve gotten it all done as well and have posted my picture of mine this month too. Yours is soooo cute because you can see it up close. My pictures weren’t clickable this month due to blogger issues.

    Great job!!! And thanks for hosting the Smalls SAL! I’m loving it!

  7. Thoeria says:

    That is soooo cute Heather!!

  8. Beautiful Small!! love those colors! :))

  9. Joanne P says:

    The mouse is adorable! I’m so pleased you will be continuing with the SAL next year.
    Some of the SAL hosts have let things slide this year but I really enjoy having a target each month and linking up with everyone too. For me, blogging is about making those connections with other bloggers.

  10. That little mouse is just too cute!