Halloween Tree

I love Halloween, but my husband doesn’t really. So, out of respect for him, I don’t decorate as early or as much as I would like. I actually didn’t get out the Halloween decorations until yesterday. And, I think I was pretty restrained.

My Halloween Tree

My Halloween Tree

This sparkly tree stands on our dinning room table. It holds all the ornaments I’ve stitched over the past couple of year, along with a couple of store-bought ornaments. I’m on the fence as to whether I need to make some more. Maybe that will be my Smalls theme for next year…

Speaking of smalls, tomorrow is Smalls SAL check-in day. I am so looking forward to seeing what you have stitched! The check-in post will be up early my time tomorrow morning and will stay open for new entries for a week. If you would like a reminder email, you can sign up here.

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