Stitch From Stash – October 2015

Oh, stitchy friends, it was not a good month. I went way over budget…

Stitch from Stash 2015 BMonth: October 2015
Spent: $80
Earned: $15

Let’s see. I bought Lizzie*Kate’s Halloweenie, the fibre package for X’s and Oh’s Spooky House, a scissor fob kit from Gingerbread Girl, a very expensive pattern from Gingerbread Girl, in addition to a few other things I can’t remember. That puts my total for the month at just under $80.

Santa's Journey Stocking, designed by Dimensions

Santa’s Journey Stocking, designed by Dimensions

I am so far off the monthly budget, and  I’m more than a little disappointed in myself. Even with my carry-over from past months, I’m over budget. So, for this one month, I’m going to claim some earned credit from finishing up Santa’s Journey Stocking.  It is about 230h x 180w, but it isn’t fully covered and there are some half stitches. So, based on Mel’s chart, I believe it earns me about $15 in credit. Which is enough to keep me going! Yay!

I do feel a little bad finally claiming credit when I haven’t done it all year. But, in the past Stitch from Stash, October was my free month because of the Creativ Festival, etc. I always overspend this month, and I would have saved this as my free month if that had been an option again. So, claiming credit is a way of sort of doing that. Thank goodness!

Now, hopefully November and December will pass with nothing new to tempt me. I have so many great projects to work on. What’s that? Just Nan just released another Gingerbread Mouse? Oh no…

  1. Sounds like you got some very nice stash (it actually sounds too nice to be called “stash”). The stocking is gorgeous!

  2. Haha, you are so weak! But you do have nice things to show for it.
    The stocking is looking good.

  3. You were very good compared to me 🙁 Oh well, I needed the retail therapy. Can’t wait to see pictures of your stash enhancement. Keep stitching, the stocking looks great.