Call Me Oscar

I had a bad day yesterday. After my initial triumph of getting my template to work in MT things went sharply down hill. I added MTAmazon to my template, but it wasn’t updating my wish list right. Then I was trying to reorganize my website into directories, following some instructions for my menu given to me early by quanta, and that wasn’t going right. He kept telling me about half of what I was supposed to be doing, expecting to some how magically know the rest. There were 100 little things like that all day.

So, in the evening we decide to go see a Russian art movie called Russian Ark. (Is it just me, or does that poster remind you of Titanic?) On they way to the theater, I apologize to quanta for being grouchy. He said he hadn’t noticed. What the heck? I had a horrible day. I asked if I was always so grouchy, and he said I pretty much was. Ouch! Talk about a wake up call. I like to think I live mindfully, but I obviously don’t. I guess it is time to make some changes, but I don’t know where to being.

As for the movie. Well… it was a Russian art film. It was technical stunning, the whole idea of one continuous shot for the whole movie. The idea, a tour through the Hermitage with some disembodied man and a 19th century French aristocrat, was a bit lacking. To top it off, there weren’t enough subtitles. I get the feeling that some of the scenes would have been much more interesting if we knew what the extras were saying.

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