So I Was Wrong. Big Deal.

Yesterday I was pretty annoyed with MovableType. For a program that is supposedly easy to use, it was actually a royal pain. The lovely template I am using just didn’t want to work. Of course, that was partly due to my lack of knowledge about MT, and partly because it came with no instructions. After working on it for several hours yesterday I was about to chuck the whole idea of a blog. Really, that probably was my best idea all day. But, after a good night’s sleep (or as good as I ever get), I started fresh on things this morning. The archive pages are up, and pretty. Links have been updated, and I’ve even added a nifty little moon phase app. Why? Well, I’m Wiccan. The moon is pretty darn important.

So, what’s next? No more playing about with the darn templates! It’s a waste of time that can be better spent doing other things. Although… I would like to change the comments and trackback window. *twitch* I’d like to start focusing on entries, obviously. I’m not sure what direction they will take though. I have called this journal Reflections in the Pond to tie in with my website The Lotus Pond. The site focuses on my ideas about Wicca, Tarot and spirituality. I meant for it to detail my personal journey, but instead it is turning into a series of educational articles. Perhaps I can use this blog for my… reflections! (Yeah, I need more sleep.)

My little list from yesterday is pretty much complete. What should I work on next? How about:

  • More essays for The Lotus Pond
  • Those darn comments and trackback windows *twitch*
  • Read, read, read

I do really want to dive into a couple of books I’ve got, and I’m desperate to spend some time with Uncle Al’s Thoth Tarot and Book of Thoth. So much to do, and so little time.

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