Friday Five

Here’s this week’s Friday Five.

1. Are you going to school this year?

2. If yes, where are you going (high school, college, etc.)? If no, when did you graduate?
I graduated a little over two years ago.

3. What are/were your favorite school subjects?
Computer programming and ancient history. Odd mix, eh?

4. What are/were your least favorite school subjects?
Electricity. It shouldn’t work!

5. Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Why was he/she a favorite?
I would have to say Ms. Rae, one of my high school history teachers. She had a temper, but she was a great teacher. She really knew how to make ancient history interesting. I would have loved the class irregardless, but it was nice to have all the other students so interested.

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1 Responses to Friday Five

  1. Katie says:

    I have seen many layouts in my time on the internet, but I have to say yours must be the most beautiful I have ever seen!
    The whole simplicity of it. And its nice to seen you follow Wiccan. I’m starting to get into it. Its awesome!