“Murder” Shows

I like to watch “murder shows.” (At least that is what quanta calls them.) These are fictional shows like Law and Order, CIS and Murder She Wrote, as well as real-life shows like American Justice, City Confidential and Cold Case Files. I’m not sure why I like to watch them. I don’t like blood; I think killing people is wrong; and seeing someone victimized is just awful. Yet, for some reason, I am completely drawn in by these shows.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the sofa, typing away on my laptop, watching Detective Beat on A&E. While listen to two detectives trying to discover the identity of a body, I was surfing the web looking at Wiccan websites and my cat was snuggling next to me begging for a head scratch. Then it came to me: Why am I watching a show like this? What does it add to my life? I know people are killed all over the world, often for stupid reasons. I’m aware of that, so why am I constantly watching shows about it. I’m on a news fast to get away from stuff like this, so why watch TV shows about?

I wonder if I can grow spiritual and learn about myself if I am obsessed with watching “murder shows.” What do they add to my life? Could my time be better spent doing something else? I think so.

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