I Remember

Today is Remembrance Day, a day set aside for Canadians to remember all the men and women who served in all the military actions Canada has been involved in since World War I. Sadly, I think the importance of this day is being lost now that so many of our veterans are passing away. I know that I will always do my best to remember those brave people.

My maternal grandfather went overseas for World War II. He wasn’t involved directly in the fighting, but his role was still important. He was a line man, and his job was to string power cables. I think he was happy to go away to war, or as happy as a man could be based on the situation. I do know that when he found out he was leaving, he asked my grandmother to marry him.

My paternal great-grandfather served in World War I. My father recently discovered Attestation Paper. We really don’t know to much about what he did. He was a taylor, and we believe he helped outfit his unit. We also know he lied about his age, so that he would be eligible to enlist. How many 52 year old men would now claim to be 42 just so they could go to war?

Thank you grandfathers, and thank you veterans, for your sacrifices.

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