More Serenity!

My lovely desktop computer, the aptly named Serenity, is back up and running. I’m not sure what I did, other then call it a couple of names, wiggle a couple of cords, and move the RAM chip into another slot. Based on this “solution” and previous problems with the IDE channels, we are pretty sure that there is some sort of problem with the motherboard. quanta contacted the nice people at Asus on Friday (before I got Serenity running again), but we haven’t heard back from them.

It is odd how this whole experience affected me. I really felt lost, adrift without my oar sort of thing. It’s not like I was without a computer. I still had my notebook, Thaleia, and quanta’s computer, Elysium. Heck, I went a whole 24 hours in the summer without electricity, and I was fine. I think the problem was that I wasn’t able to have something I wanted. I don’t seem to deal well with being denied.

Well, I suppose I should tidy up my computer cables and put that screw back in that was holding my hard drive in place. I’m so worried about turning the computer off again, or loading up the dreaded Sims (which I was attempting to play when Serenity died). No point in babying the old girl though. Our relationship isn’t like that. She abuses me and I abuse her. 🙂

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