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My NaNoWriMo isn’t going quite as well as I had hoped. I’m only at 3,889 words. Since I was aiming for 2,000 words a day, I am just a wee bit behind. I’m also writing complete drivel, in my opinion. Half of me thinks that is okay, since I am actually writing. A feat in itself. But the other half of me wishes I was producing something that was… well, not crap. 🙂

I will admit to being inspired though. Well, maybe not inspired by the story I’m writing. (Actually, I like my idea for a plot, it just needed to be fleshed out more before I started working on it.) I’m eager to start work on something more scholarly. As I mentioned a little while ago, I’d like to write a book on ethics and virtues, from the Wiccan point of view. Since I will likely use this as my Third Circle project for CFFN, I can’t really get started on it right away. This is because the project for Third Circle must take at least one year to complete, and any work done before the project is approved does not count. Quite honestly, when I do get started, I am sure that it will take me longer then a year to complete my project, but I like to play by the rules. I’m just that kind of person. But I’m itching to get started.

My next lesson for the Second Circle is Lesson Six. It actually deals with ethics, so I’m pretty excited about it. The earliest I can post it is November 9th, since Second Circle lessons can only be posted once every two weeks. I’m making good progress on the lessons though, since I have a good deal of free time with which to think about them.

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2 Responses to More Writing

  1. I salute your journey my friend.

    May I offer ::::

    “When you can’t find the right answers;
    it is usually because you are asking the wrong Questions.”


  2. Bec says:

    Good luck with your NaNo, I know how hard it is – I’m participating this year too.