November’s Pagan Speak

November’s Pagan Speak.

Topic 2: The “God” Resolution

Greene County Mayor Roger Jones has been a busy man since the County Commission passed a resolution proclaiming “God as the Foundation of Our National Heritage.”

ACLU officials say the resolution violates separation of church and state by promoting religion. The organization is considering challenging it in court, but has not made a decision yet. Jones sent the resolution and a letter to all of Tennessee’s county commissions in September. His letter appeals to county commissions to “… stand with the vast majority of Americans, to proclaim not only our right to acknowledge God anywhere in America, but that it is also government’s responsibility to publicly acknowledge God as well, especially in public institutions. …” read the rest:

What are your thoughts on this article? Should it be revoked? Or should we get ALL gods stated in this resolution? Share anything that comes to mind on this.

Although this topic was obviously meant for Americans, I thought I would discuss it anyway. Generally speaking, in Canada we have a pretty good separation of church and State. That’s not to say that citizens and politicians aren’t guided by their religion, but rather that we generally can keep it out of public affairs. I think a good example of this would be the recent debate on same sex marriage. Even though the Catholic Church told our politicians (many of whom are Catholic) that they were imperiling their souls, the decisions about this issue were based on law not religion.

I believe another reason that Christian religion doesn’t exert as much power over Canadian politics as it does over American politics is because of the number of people who follow other faiths that are part of government — especially First Nations peoples. Canada also likes to think of its self as a mosaic, as opposed to America’s melting pot.

I don’t mean this to be a bash on the American system. It is just reasons for why I think I see this topic a little differently, and why I have trouble understanding why it is so hard to separate church and state in the US. Our countries are different, with different histories and systems. Neither is better or worse, just different.

This brings me to my thoughts on the resolution. I don’t really see why it should have been brought up in the first place. But, since it has, I think it might be best if it were revoked. Why does religion always have to be an issue? Should not someone be secure in their own faith within themselves? Religion should be a private matter, not something that is forced on us in public insinuations or by governmental decree.

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  1. BrentN says:

    Unfortunately, in America, the fundamentalist churches use themselves as political tools. Think of it as a different type of campaign contribution – if you don’t vote for things that fit our agenda, our members won’t vote for you. Its corruption of a different kind.