Dream of a Tomb

I had a dream the other night that I think meant something. Normally I don’t think my dreams have any meaning; they are just my mind sorting out the events of the day. But this dream was a little something more. I think it was giving me hints on how to resolve a problem that has been bothering me lately.

My dream started with me finding the entrance of a tomb. I was with a group of people and they were all very excited we had found this hidden entrance. We carefully removed the rubble and entered the first chamber. The left hand wall was beautiful decorated in monochromatic hieroglyphics, and the right hand wall was brilliantly painted with scenes depicting Roman gods. I was awestruck by the beauty. The person I was with said something about how rare it was to see the two sets of symbolism together, but it was amazing how beautiful they looked together.

As we got a little deeper into the tomb, I saw that it turned into a museum. My guide (?) said that the back entrance to the tomb had been discovered years ago, but the front entrance had remained hidden. I walked through the museum. It was beautiful–hardwood floors, fabulous exhibits, and a great sense of peace. I notice that the statues on display seemed to quiver when you saw them from the corner of your eye.

When I was finished looking around, I left the museum. I had started to feel that something wasn’t right. I left through the entrance of the tomb that I had discovered, recovering my sense of well being as I went. Then I woke up.

I’ve been thinking about what the dream means. Obviously whatever I take it to mean will be my part of my unverified personal gnosis. I’m okay with that though. There is something in it for me, something I am meant to learn. It is touching on issues that have been troubling me, and it is bring me closer to some sort of solution. I’m very happy with that.

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