Right now I’m sitting on the floor typing on my notebook. In my quest to pair down before the move, I’m going through my prized possessions–my books. It is really difficult for me to do this. Looking at all the books spread around me sort of brings a tear to my eye. Some of them I’ve had for years and years, and they have taught me a lot or not much at all. Others I’ve had only for a few days or weeks, and I can’t imagine being without them. I’m not sure why I get so attached to books. Maybe it is because they sort of take the place of people for me. I’m very shy, and don’t have many friends. But in books I can sort of escape, learn something, or find someone to “talk” to.

Right now I’m trying to decide which books to pass on and what to get rid of totally. Some of my books will be donated to the local library, and others will go to the Amity or Good Will. I am going to throw away some of my notebooks though. It is sort of hard to do that, but it is also a bit freeing too. The hardest one to get rid of will be a wee little hardcover volume I used as my first Book of Shadows. Really though, it has seen far better days and doesn’t hold much valuable information. It just brings back memories of the silly little fluffy bunny I used to be. 🙂

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