Yesterday was an interesting day. We had two different people come in to see our apartment to sublet it. That is the last major thing to be taken care of, other then finding out exactly what day we are moving.

It was odd having strangers come into our home, and knowing that in two weeks this could be their home. Both people liked it, and both are filling out applications with the office. So, with any luck, we will find out in a couple of days that someone has been approved. I’m half hoping that it is a woman who came to see it. She seemed nice. The guy who came is friends with someone else in the building who often holds loud parties, and, oddly, someone usually pulls the fire alarm on those nights. Funny, eh? :paranoid:

Tonight I actually began to pack. I’m going through all my books right now, entering their vitals into my book database (a customized version of the one MS provides with Access), and then packing them away in some nice Rubbermaid “Studio” tubs. My pile of books to donate is getting a little larger, but not much. I get so attached to things.

Tomorrow, we will likely start on the computer room, tidying out some old manuals and games. Packing a little bit every day is much easier then rushing to pack everything in only a few days. But, unfortunately, I’ve got several other things to take care of too, like the new release list for The Video Store in Hamilton and reading The Witches by the end of the week for the new CFFN lessons. It is going to be a long week. :tired:

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