What am I Doing?!

Lately I’ve been really whining and feeling like my life has been on hold. Today, I’ve had a wake up call. This entry from Kensho Godchaser has opened my eyes. Life is for living, not whining or waiting. Everything I do should be dedicated to my Matron and Patron gods. How horrible it is to walking around depressed and brooding. Both They and myself deserve better. This is especially true when I keep in mind that within all of us we carry a spark of the divine.

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One Response to What am I Doing?!

  1. Wow…proof for a second time in asd many days that someone actually reads me. 😉 Seriously, though, I’m so glad my words helped in some small way. Devotion to one’s Deity or Deities can have a profound impact on how one lives.

    I like to think we have more than a spark of the Divine within us – I think we are nothing but the Divine, that we constantly radiate its presence. Many say this frivolously, as though it gives them carte blanche to do whatever they want in their lives. I see it as a responsibility: it forces me to dedicate myself to my spiritual practice so I can lose the blinders I possess and bring myself to see the Divine in everything, and understand my Divine Mission on earth.