Starting Some Changes

Life is getting better. I’m still suffering from unreasonable bouts of sadness, but over all I am feeling better. (Thanks to those who checked in with me occasionally.)

So, we are in TO now, and it is time to walk the walk. I’ve been saying for ages that if I was settled somewhere that I knew was going to be home that I would make some changes to my life. I knew living in London was only temporary (yeah, for two and a half years!), so I wasn’t ever really able to feel at home. I’m a nester, so I was pretty uncomfortable. I know that barring anything really odd, TO (or one of the surrounding suburbs) is likely where we will live for many years to come. I’m home, finally.

Now it is time to find a job. I’m terrified. I’m afraid of people I don’t know and I hate confrontation. It’s no wonder I hated retail, eh? But I was good at it. Why? Because I had this other personality that I developed to help me cope at work. But, I hated that personality. She wasn’t a person I would want to be friends with, yet she was me. This time I am going to find a job in anything but retail. I don’t think I want anything with a lot of responsibility people-wise. It’s not that I don’t have ambitions, it is just that the lie outside of the corporate world. quanta has suggested that I look for work as a secretary or something similar for a non-profit organization. I think it is a pretty good idea, but I think that I also have to agree with the aims of the organization. It will be hard to be true to myself and still find a good job, but I think I can do it.

I’ve also been working on making a list of things I do well, which is much more difficult then you would think. It’s up to ten things right now. 🙂

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