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Things are pretty silent here at the Pond. But the raindrops sure look pretty. I am slowly, every so slowly, recovering from the dreaded spring cold. It has kept me asleep nearly constantly since Sunday night. Even now my eyes … Continue reading Continue reading

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Little Girl Lost

I’m sure this story isn’t well known outside of Southern Ontario, but I think everyone can relate. Cecilia Zhang, a nine year old girl from Toronto, was abducted from her bed in October. All over Toronto, people tried to help … Continue reading Continue reading

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Aoife over at Pagan Blogs of the WWW featured me back on March 22nd. She wrote a glowing review that brought tears to my eyes. Five Witch Hats! And I’m well written! You have no idea what it means to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Unconscious Mutterings

This weekend is light on memes. There was no Friday Five this week, which was a little disappointing. But, thankfully, there is still an Unconscious Mutterings. The words I think of often surprise me. Sometimes I think it shows just … Continue reading Continue reading

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Job Unfair

My shyness holds me back a lot. I realize that, but I am working to overcome it. I had finally decided to go to a job fair next week with Dr. Sexy. He is a good friend and he understands … Continue reading Continue reading

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Strange Happenings in TO

I’m starting to enjoy living in TO. So many odd things happen here. Today I set out to meet quanta downtown for lunch. I left home just as a gentle rain was ending. The birds were singing, squirrels were chasing … Continue reading Continue reading

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Pagan Speak – March

March is quickly slipping away. Before it escapes entirely, here is this month’s Pagan Speak. Topic 2: Sharing Ritual (thanks to Swiftpaw) Sharing rituals with others. Would you ever? Have you ever been to a public festival and what did … Continue reading

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