Strange Happenings in TO

I’m starting to enjoy living in TO. So many odd things happen here.

Today I set out to meet quanta downtown for lunch. I left home just as a gentle rain was ending. The birds were singing, squirrels were chasing each other in the trees, and the geese were napping on the lawn. (I still can’t get over those geese.) It was so quite and peaceful. It is times like this that I feel so close to the Lord and Lady, like they are whispering in my ear to really live in the moment.

Of course, that all changed by the time I got to the subway. My trip was fairly uneventful (although the car I was in smelled a bit like pee) until I got to the Bloor St. station. Across the way, on the other platform, I saw a guy reverently run his hand down a poster, then get down on one knee and cross himself. Yeah, it was odd. I though, maybe it was a Passion poster, but then again it sort of looked like one for The Punisher. It turned out to be for Hellboy. WTF?! ~)

Second weird thing of the day — I took a short trip over to The World’s Biggest Book Store since I arrived downtown a little early. I noticed a group of suits milling around and I figured they must be investors. Suddenly I realized it was Heather Reisman, the CEO of Chapters/Indigo. Neato! I would have loved to introduce myself, since I am secretly a fan (even though she has totally monopolized the bookstore market in Canada), but she was talking Japanese to some powerful looking suits, so I thought better of it. It was very funny how attentive the WBBS staff was though. I must have been asked about four times if I need help with about five minutes while Heather was in that area.

Coming home, the trip was a little more normal. It was when I started to hear harp music on the subway that began to realize that this city might just be an okay place to call home.

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