Unconscious Mutterings

This weekend is light on memes. There was no Friday Five this week, which was a little disappointing. But, thankfully, there is still an Unconscious Mutterings. The words I think of often surprise me. Sometimes I think it shows just how much the media influences me. I couldn’t think of another word I associate with Carter even though I really tried. (Yeah, I know I’m suppose to write down the first word I think of. But in this case it surprised me that I couldn’t think of any other words.) Anyway, enjoy this small look into my weird mind.

  1. Pitbull::Terrier
  2. TD:: Canada Trust (It is a bank.)
  3. Carter:: Oosterhouse (one of the carpenters from Trading Spaces)
  4. Japan::Anime
  5. 50::50
  6. Streak::Nekked
  7. Rifle::Gun
  8. Trap::Caught
  9. Easter::Egg
  10. Mitt::Glove

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