Cat’s Eye View

I have to admit that I’m not very happy in our new apartment. We went from a 21st floor apartment in a “luxury” building (not quite as nice as it sounds, but still very nice), to a basement apartment in a normal, older building. Now, I don’t want to sound horribly spoiled, but this new place sucks compared to the old place. It is a little more then half the size, no plush carpets, no pool, etc! Whaaa! (Boy, I am a big suck!) And to top it off, we just might have an ant problem come the warm weather. 🙁

Anyway, I’m trying to find little things here that make me happy. First, we are in Toronto, not London. A huge plus, believe me. Second, we are in a nice neighbourhood. In London, we lived downtown, such as it was. In Toronto, we live near High Park and Bloor West Village, in a very quite neighbourhood. We can walk to shops and boutiques, and the subway and streetcar to Downtown aren’t far away. There is a large pond nearby and Lake Ontario is walking distance. Ducks and geese walk up and down our street! Certainly not what I expected when I thought about moving to TO.

Today, something else made me smile. We are a basement apartment, but ground level hits about halfway up the wall. We have a large front window that is about six inches above ground, and starts at about mid-chest on me. Our cat, Isis1, loves to sit on the ledge and watch the squirrels dig up their nuts from the garden. Today, I sat there with her and watched them. Since it is spring (even though it is -10

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