Damp Digs

Spring in Southern Ontario means that one day it will be blazing hot, the next it will be pleasantly warm, and on the third it will be damp and chilly. Sort of like it was today. Our apartment is nicely damp too, which makes the day even more special. And now quanta and I are arguing about getting a dehumidifier. My sweetheart, who I dearly love but who is very cheap, kindly reminded me that just a short two years ago I nagged about getting a humidifier. And it is now sitting, unloved, upstairs in the storage unit. I then reminded him that we bought it for another apartment!!! One that wasn’t in a basement in an area that used to be marshland!!


I’m okay. But my knees are killing me. I have a problem with my knees, and the pain is amplified by the damp and cold. Today hasn’t been pleasant. And you would think that spending a few dollars on a dehumidifier for a damp, basement apartment wouldn’t be too much to ask. Of course, if you thought that, then you don’t know quanta. 🙂

Uhhh… but we will just ignore the fact that I spent a wee bit of money at Reitmans today on some nice new summer clothes. *cough*

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