Unconscious Mutterings 68

It has been a damp and dull Sunday here at the Pond. Right now there is a minor thunder storm raging. As an act of rebellion, I am both using my computer and running the washing machine. I suppose I feel safe doing these things because we are in an apartment (although why that makes us safe I don’t know), and because there are many taller buildings nearby. Theoretically, they would be hit instead of us. *shrug* I had no worries at our old place because it had excellent lightning rods, something to do with the rather expensive cell phone tower on the roof I would suspect.

Anyway, on to this week’s Unconscious Mutterings.

  1. Finale::Music
  2. Martial arts:: Dr. Sexy
  3. Flirt::Girls
  4. Energy::Water
  5. Flavor::Flavour (why do Americans avoid “u”s? They make words pretty!)
  6. Guess?::Who
  7. Accomplishment::Job
  8. Prom:: Dress (we didn’t have a prom at my high school)
  9. Diploma::University
  10. Bloody::Mary

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