Unconscious Mutterings #67

It is Sunday again, and time for Unconscious Mutterings. Most of the rest of my day will be given over to cleaning out the closets (where things were stuck when we moved), and other general housecleaning chores. I’m not sure if I am doing all this because I would like to clean, or because I am avoiding working on The Book. Knowing me, it could actually be either reason, or maybe both.

  1. Playoffs::Hockey (Go Leafs! Oh… nevermind.)
  2. Morris::Tamara (friends)
  3. Break up::Fight
  4. Eggs::Breakfast
  5. Parker::Chris (another old, old friend)
  6. Hardy Boys::Nancy Drew
  7. Deluxe::Super
  8. Protection::Rain
  9. Girl Scout::Girl Guide (different name here)
  10. Salsa::Tomato

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2 Responses to Unconscious Mutterings #67

  1. Joy says:

    The cleaning bug has bit me again and I am actually making real progress on the “hidden areas”. Must be something in the air!

  2. Insane Faery says:

    Hi!! Just dropped in from Unconscious Mutterings! Great answers!! Have a terrific week! 🙂