Witches Weekly

Yesterday was a thinking day, which is why there was no entry. I think, after a few of the very helpful comments I’ve gotten, today may be a thinking day too. I am learning that I really need to lighten up.

Anyway, before I dust off my brain for some serious soul searching, here is this week’s Witches Weekly.

Circle / Sacred Space

How often do you cast a circle / surround yourself in a sacred space?
I rarely cast a circle, although I have written what I think is a lovely solitary circle. However, when I read Tarot (which is far to rare!) I take a few moments to calm myself and essentially create a small sacred space for myself.

What method do you use to cast a circle / surround yourself in a sacred space?
Generally speaking, I use almost-meditation and visualization. I don’t often get up and walk around and act out the circle or space creation. I’m not sure why. I guess it is because I feel a little silly. *sigh* I’m not sure why that is or why I care.

Do you use any specific “props” such as candles, flowers, etc to cast a circle / surround yourself in a sacred space?
Again, generally speaking I don’t. But I have recently assembled an altar kit, which includes candles, a pentacle, a goblet, an athame, and a few other odds and ends. I have used this kit once to create a circle and perform a ritual, and it was wonderful.

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1 Responses to Witches Weekly

  1. Joy says:

    When I am alone and feeling the energy really well, I rarely get up and phsically cast the circle myself. I only do it if I feel like I need it. Usually it’s purely visual for me also. And I feel silly sometimes too when walking around in a circle alone!
    I find that there are some “props” that just give me that boost, that sense of comfort that I desire and they work for me. I know I don’t have to have them, but sometimes I just want to have them 🙂 Hehe. Maybe I should have done witches weekly myself instead of answering yours 🙂