Sometime very early this morning the combined counter of Reflections in the Pond and The Lotus Pond reached 10,000. Quite frankly, I never expected to see my counter get that high, let alone reach that mark in under a year. Approximately 8-10 hits per day are regular or semi-regular readers on Reflections and the rest are mostly search engine hits on the Pond. And believe me, I am thrilled that there are at least eight of you out there that like to read what I have to say on an almost daily basis.

Starting Reflections and the Pond has been very good for me. I am much more confident about my writing now. And I am also starting to believe that someone out there, other then quanta, might care about my opinion. And, even though I don’t comment much (at all, really), I have also found some blogs that I truly enjoy reading.

Thank you for reading my rants, musings, and complaints.

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