Another Day in the Life of Me

It is only 9:30 and already it has been an exciting morning. The allergic reaction in my eye has cleared up (thanks to some eye drops I should have been using all along), and I have my contacts back in. I’ve spent the past two days wearing glasses with an old prescription, which have been giving me a low grade headache. It is wonderful to be able to see clearly again!

quanta was late for work this morning because I insisted he find and kill a GIANT!!! millipede that ran in the door just as he was leaving. Not very “Harm None”, I know, but I am terrified of bugs. They are almost enough to bring me to tears, and I just can’t help it. quanta insisted on describing the noise it made when he killed it (with one of my shoes!), which really upset me. Ick!

I’ve also already applied for three jobs this morning. With any luck I will hear back from one of them shortly. I am very eager to get back to work. (And if anyone one who received one of my resumes is reading this: Please hire me! I will do an excellent job.)

The plan for the rest of the day:

  • Another update to The Lotus Pond
  • More reading and research for The Book
  • Tidy out my desk drawer (which is necessary to do the above)
  • Start making a Christmas list (long story, but more or less I can never think of what to suggest to my Mom to get me for Christmas, so I am starting a list to add small things to when I think of them. Better then says “Oh… a book and ummm… bubble bath.)
  • Wash and iron some cross stitch pieces
  • Hand washing (Argh! The most dreaded of washing!)
  • Walk to the park

I intend to get the most out of today, unlike yesterday. 🙂

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