Examining Motives

Writing The Book is slow going. Sometimes I wonder if this is something I really should do. It seems like every other person out there is writing a book. It isn’t anything special or great anymore. It is just something you do when you feel you have something to say. So, I am now examining what my motives really are.

I suppose the most important motive is that I feel that many (most) of the books on the same topic are either very lacking or full of mistakes. I don’t think I am an expert, but I do feel I know what I am writing about, and my book isn’t motivated by money. I guess is comes down to me wanting to make a difference. I don’t think The Book is a work of ego, but rather a way to give back.

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1 Responses to Examining Motives

  1. Laura says:

    Writing a book is something a lot of people do, yes. Actually writing more than a few pages of the book, not so much so, I think. People get an idea, they write a few paragraphs, they falter, they stop. It’s not the act of starting that makes one stand out, but the act of continuing, and of finishing.

    And if you feel the book is needed, that seems like a good reason. 🙂 “Writing a book” is such a broad topic that just because so many people are doing it, doesn’t mean they’re doing anything like what you can do.