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This news story, CBC News: Bush continues to insist on link between bin Laden and Saddam, has got me thinking that Bush is either seriously out of touch with reality or that he is pretty sure that if things keep going they way they are going then he isn’t going to be president any more.

Now, I rarely talk about politics around here. Mostly because I really don’t care. Politics isn’t a big issue in Canada, even if some of us like to pretend it is. The parties are all fairly similar, with the exception of the Bloc. And it is generally believed that Quebec would never really seperate because they would lose all funding from Ottawa and they wouldn’t have anything left to complain about.

Of course, with an election coming, everyone around here is talking poltics, and I’m jumping on the bandwagon too. Even though the election isn’t until June 28th, advance polls are open this weekend. I need to pick up a couple of books at the library today, which is located in Swansea Town Hall, so I figure I may as well vote while I’m over there. And I’ve decided to vote Green. Neil Spiegel is the candidate in my riding. He is a Harvard grad, and he also helped set up the windmill on the CNE grounds.

Sure, the Greens haven’t got a chance of forming a government, but it looks like they may win a seat of two. Hopefully that will teach the other parties a lesson. You need to listen to the people, not just yell at each other.

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