Pictures of the Past

Over the past week or so, I’ve been scanning in my collection of old pictures. Everything from my childhood dog, who has been gone over 15 ago, to my middle school graduation, to my trip to Vegas in 1998, to the wedding of the girl who was in all those middle school pictures with me, and to my ill-fated trip to Microsoft for a job interview. Going over these pictures has brought back a lot of memories, like how much I hated the dress I wore to middle school gradation, to say nothing about my hair! Yech!

I’m also sad about all the pictures that are missing. My parents’ camera had a melt down after high school graduation, so I don’t have any pictures of that. There are also far to few pictures of my dog Max, who passed away about four years ago. I also noticed that the last full face picture of me was middle school gradation. Somewhere along the way, I started hiding every time someone took a picture of me. (There is one exception, but I didn’t think that picture was going to be kept, so I didn’t hide.)

I am now more fully aware of what caused my drop in self confidence in high school, and I think I am doing a pretty good job of recovering it. Some days are tougher then others, especially when one is out and about in a city like Toronto. (There are a lot of “beautiful people” here, and they let you know that the average person is beneath them.) I hope the next time I go through some pictures that there will be more with my smiling face. 🙂 (NO, quanta, that is not permission to start taking pictures of me! :P)

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  1. Mari says:

    I was going through all of my collected photographs last year – especially the old black and whites and studio prints that we only have one copy of – and getting them scanned into the computer. Unfortunately (fortunately?) we got a new computer, and the scanner was no longer compatible, so my project is on permanent hiatus. :whine: It’s fun going through all those pictures though – all those memories!! (but a bugger when you run across people you have no clue who they are!!)