Witches Weekly – Rituals and Meditation

Witches Weekly – Rituals and Meditation

1. When performing rituals/meditations, do you associate yourself with the element most closely related to your astrological sign?

No, and it has never occurred to me to do so. I suppose, for life in general, I tend to most closely associate and function in tune with the element related to my sign. It isn’t something I do intentionally, though.

2. If not, do you associate/align yourself with your moon sign, or something that just “feels right”?

I really don’t do that either. I meditate when the mood seems right, and don’t use any particular sign or element. As for rituals, I use tools and symbols that correspond to the purpose of the ritual.

3. Do you follow the typical elements of earth, water, fire, air, spirit? Or do you follow an even more non-traditional association akin to earth, water, fire, metal?

I tend to work with Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit. To me, this set of elements make sense since it relates nicely to both the pentacle and the Tarot deck. As for other sets, like the Chinese elements, no, I don’t use them. Perhaps if I were to work with an Asian deity I would.

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