Witches Weekly – Your Spirituality

It is time for another Witches Weekly.

Your Spirituality

Do you feel that you are active in your spirituality?
Yes and no. I suppose I feel that I should be this very dedicated, extremely spiritual person. It is almost like I’m not willing to admit that I am spiritual because I feel so ordinary. But I am coming to realize that there is a lot of spirituality in cooking a good meal, reading a good book, and tending my indoor garden. I would still like to meditate a little more often though.

What do you consider to be the most tedious task in your path?
Definitely learning to meditate effectively. I’m finding it very difficult and tedious. I suppose I am used to things coming to me easily, and this is an excellent lesson in being humble and working hard.

What is your most enjoyable part of your spirituality?
I think the feeling of connection, with both the divine and the world in general, is the most enjoyable part of my spirituality. Before I found this path I felt very disconnected. And now, even though I don’t socialize much, I still have a feeling of connection with people. It’s rather hard to explain, but I think it all comes down to remembering that we are all part of the same whole. So even when I’m alone, I’m not really alone.

Witches Weekly

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