Job Search Goes On

Today has been a day of emotional ups and downs. My interview went well. I have the feeling that they have more-or-less decided to offer me the job, but a few things still need to be ironed out that are out of their hands. (i.e. a police background check [!], a possible interview with the rather strange District Manager, and approval by head office) The person I met with today also made is clear that they often have difficult customer after difficult customer, which isn’t all that encouraging. So, my thoughts on whether to take this job are leaning towards no. I am eager to get back to work, but I don’t want a job I’m going to hate by the end of the first week.

After meeting quanta for lunch, I took a trip over to the World’s Biggest Bookstore. Chapters/Indigo is holding the semi-annual bargain book sale, and I’m a sucker for a book sale. 😉 As I was browsing around, looking ever so cute in my interview attire, and a sales associate called me Ma’am! When the heck did I become a Ma’am?

Even though I don’t feel it, I am growing up. I’m not a young girl anymore, and although I don’t quite look my age, I also don’t look like a cute young thing anymore either. I’m finally getting the message that it is time to grow, time to be more confident about my abilities, and time to actually do something with my life. If I keep going the way I am now, it will be over before I have actually got up the courage to do something.

Does that mean I will take the sales job? Well, yes and no. I do have a few other possibilities opening up, and they would take priority. But, if everything else falls through, then I guess I will. I’m a big girl, right? So I can handle the difficult customers with a smile on my face. Of course, the little girl inside of me just wants a job where most of the people are nice.

Maybe, when things work out, I’ll reward myself with one of the limited edition copies of the Gaian Tarot. I have to do something to keep my spirits up.

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