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What do you find most annoying about the Pagan Community?
There are several things I find annoying about the Pagan Community, which is why I generally avoid it. Some of the most annoying things are the victim mentality many Pagans seem to cherish, the way many Pagans have money for new tools and books but not for charity or to support clergy, the constant “Witch Wars” over ridiculous issues, and the sometimes overly permissive attitude (i.e. the feeling that anything goes, along as it “speaks to you”, without any regard to the underlying framework and spirituality of the path in question).

Are there any specific symbols that are sacred to you or that you hold close to you?
There are symbols that I recognize as being sacred to my path, but there are few that I hold sacred myself. I find it difficult to view the pentacle or ankh (as I am dedicated to an Egyptian deity) as sacred because of the misuse I see all around me. Both these symbols, as well as other Pagan symbols, have become part of popular culture, and no longer seem special and set apart, like sacred things should. Instead, I carry the sacredness with myself.

What’s one thing that you think the Pagan Community needs?
Funnily enough, quanta and I were talking about this very thing yesterday evening. I feel that the Pagan Community needs a dedicated priest/nun/spiritual dedicant class. It seems to me that there is a sub-set of the Pagan Community that is moving towards a more philosophical faith (as opposed to the current supernatural/magic-based faith), and I believe that we will need some dedicated thinkers to truely explore this new path. I do realize that Pagan faiths are meant to blend with normal life, but I still think that there would be a great deal to be gained by the Pagan community as a whole if we had such a group of people exploring our faith.

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3 Responses to Witches Weekly – More Pagan Community

  1. malory says:

    I am right there with you about what the Pagan community needs.

  2. Gem says:

    If the link doesn’t work do a Google search for Temple of the Oak. Might be something you would be interested in. 🙂

    Or contact Drecora1 on AIM.

  3. Great answers! Especially on the last question.