Witches Weekly – Pagan Children

I’m currently suffering through a mild summer cold. I’m actually quite annoyed, because there was a lot of things I wanted to do this weekend. But, as always, they will have to be put off. I wish I could just suck it up and get on with my day, but I am so fatigued.

Anyway, it is time for this week’s Witches Weekly.

Pagan Children

Questions this week are donated by Daki.

How do you (or would you) go about teaching/including your child about your practice/beliefs?
I have given a little bit of thought to this, but not very much. quanta and I don’t expect to starting having children for at least another two years. We have argued about sending our children to Catholic school (since quanta is Catholic), but I don’t think it will happen. What I would ultimately like to do is teach my children non-religious ethics, i.e. you are kind because you are a good person, as well as teach them about all sorts of different religions. When the time comes, if they decide to follow a Pagan path, then I will work with them to find a way to include them in my practice.

What kind of coming of age ritual might you suggest for your child and how would you approach them about it?
Again, it would depend on if my children chose a Pagan path. I would want to some how honour them as they grow up. Maybe set aside a day to celebrate the changes they are going through. I’m not really sure.

What might you tell them about being a Pagan in a Christian-centric community?
I’d tell them that the religion someone is doesn’t matter; it is a person’s actions that are important. Yes, we may get Christian holidays off from work and school, and not the holidays of other religions, but that is because our country was founded by Christians. Over the years, religion has become more diversified, but the holidays have become mostly non-religious. There is no reason to be upset, and there is also no reason to think that a religion is any less important because its holidays are not days off work. It shows strength of character to honour them and to honour all other people’s holidays.

Witches Weekly

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