Another Double Meme Sunday

Witches Weekly: What is Sacred to you

What is one item that is sacred to you? (Can be anything, tool, amulet, object, etc)
I had to answer this questions a while back for a CFFN lesson. At the time, I said that my grandmother’s engagement ring was sacred to me. It still is, but I now see sacred is a more intangible way. I don’t think that there is one item I can point to said say “This is sacred.”

What holidays or time of year do you consider most sacred to you personally?
Beltane and Samhain are the two Sabbats that are most sacred to me. They both occur at times in the year that I enjoy, and they both honour themes that I find very important.

Describe your sacred space (can be anywhere, indoors, outdoors, etc):
I don’t have a specific sacred space. However, one of my favourite places to be is at the corner of the park nearby, on a bench on the edge of the pond, with tall wild flowers all but surrounding me.

Witches Weekly

Unconscious Mutterings Week 79

  1. Sting:: Fields of Gold
  2. BMW:: Car
  3. Jeremy:: Irons
  4. Audacious:: Amazing
  5. Drag Queen:: Fabulous
  6. Title:: Book
  7. Stamp:: Collection
  8. Bad:: Good
  9. Snow White:: Seven Dwarfs
  10. Delegate:: Diplomat

Unconscious Mutterings

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