The New New Job

It has been a quiet week here at the Pond because I have been doing my best to try to adjust to my new job. I sort of see this job as my last chance to pull myself together, and so far things are going well. The store is a little disorganized and the rules are a little more lax then I prefer, but there is always room for improvement. The other staff members seem very nice and very friendly. I’ve even been out to dinner with them already. (Which was very stressful considering my problems with strangers, but it was also a lot of fun too.) The owners are okay… The man is a bit of a jerk, and the woman seems nice enough but a little bit flaky. All in all, I think that everything will be okay.

I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had time to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having. It has been a very cool summer this year, even more so this week. And, personally, I’m very happy for that. But, as I sit here and look out the window, I can see that one of the trees is already starting to turn. It looks like we may have an early fall and a chilly winter. I’m not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to walking through High Park when the leaves have all started to change. It should be beautiful.

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