Further Down the Road

I’ve been doing much better lately. My mood and outlook has improved considerably in the past month or so. Some if this improvement is obviously due to the medication, but think there is more to it then that. I am trying to be optimistic now, and I am also trying to relax and not over think. I also feel better about myself because I am working in a job where I am comfortable, and with people that I like a lot.

That’s not to say that I haven’t had a few bad days, or that I’m totally “fixed”. I’m still overly anxious, and my mind likes to race a mile a minute. But I am definitely on the road to improvement. It feels good to be a little more normal. And with any luck I will be able to start concentrating on some of my abandoned projects soon.

Which reminds me, happy three day Labour Day weekend to those who get it. Sadly, I have to work tomorrow. But I do get Sunday and Monday off. I think it is about time to dust of those notes for my book and get writing.

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