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I’m a couple of days behind with my weekly memes. I kept myself busy this weekend with working, washing, reading, and napping. Now it is nearly time to head back to work for a (thankfully) shortened work week. Last week was my first six day week, but I am treated to a four day week this week due to the Monday holiday and having this coming Saturday off. I’d head to work full of smiles either way, since I am really enjoying what I am doing.

On to the memes!

Witches Weekly – Teachers and Training

This weeks questions donated by: Autumn

1. What kind of training (if any) have you had in your chosen spiritual path (workshops, seminary, coven, courses, etc)?
Most of training has been done independently. I’m the sort of person who prefers to figure things out on their own. Although, for nearly two years I was part of the Delphi Coven, which as a group within The Coven of the Far Flung Net, an online training coven. I tried to remain part of CFFN even after its restructuring, but I discovered that UEW was not the right tradition for me the deeper I got into the training. I have also taken part in a few Witch School courses, but this is another tradition I do not feel any affinity for.

2. Who have been the people who have influenced you the most along your spiritual path?
The members of Delphi Coven influenced me in wonderful ways, encouraging me to think about what I really believed. The head of CFFN also influenced me, but mostly by representing the opposite of what I was looking for. (I wouldn’t trade my time in CFFN for anything though, since I did learn a great deal from her that I totally agree with.)

A lot of others, many who are nameless, have influenced me through their bad history and misinformation. I have been driven to seek out my own truths because of these things.

3. What skills, values, and/or areas of expertise do you seek in a spiritual mentor or teacher?
Firstly, I need someone that I can get along with and who shares a similar world view. Secondly, I need someone who is confident in their own faith (of course, we all have questions) and who doesn’t feel the need to bash others of the same or different faiths. Thirdly, I need someone who is knowledgable about both occult and mundane topics, and is willing to use mundane tools in order to teach and learn. And, perhaps most importantly, I need someone who has a secure relationship with the divine.

Witches Weekly

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 83

  1. Reporter:: News
  2. Mythology:: Goddess
  3. Wimbledon:: Tennis
  4. Civilization:: Sid
  5. Punctuation:: Comma
  6. Party Games:: Boring
  7. Flawless:: Diamond
  8. Unprecedented:: Amazing
  9. Curry:: Spice
  10. Tropical:: Storm

Unconscious Mutterings

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