Questions Answered

I’ve received a few questions via comments and emails, so I thought I would take a moment to answer them.

Linda, the ** beside some of the blogs in my “Recommended” list means that those blogs have been updated recently. Some of the blogs may have been updated but not have **, and that is because the authors of those blogs don’t ping Blogrolling. (Blogrolling is the service I use to track updated blogs, and to ping it means to tell it that you have updated your blog.)

Cayce, gMail is an online mail service offered by the people who gave us Google. It is a much nicer service then Hotmail, and it offers you a lot more room. (1 gig, for those to whom that number makes sense.) It is currently invitation only to get an account, since the service is still in its beta testing phase. I still have four invites left, if anyone is interested.

Autumn, I tried to do NaNoWriMo last year, but I got so discouraged. I was far too much of a perfectionist. I am planning on giving it another try this year, with lowered expectations. 😉

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