Hopes for the New Year

I’m finally back after my long hiatus. (I wonder how long it will be until anyone notices. 🙂 ) I feel a little refreshed after being away from my blog, and the Internet in general, for so long. My time, though, wasn’t spent as wisely as I had hoped. I ended up getting bogged down with work and health issues, and got very little done. But a new year is about to start and it is time for new goals, new plans, and new priorities.

The most important thing for me to do in the new year is to pick up my pen and write. I am learning that my fear of failure, when it comes to writing, is coming true when I don’t write at all. So, by trying to avoid my fear, I am actually making it happen.

My second biggest priority is to attend to my health. I have reduced my work schedule, and I have also began to implement a new eating and exercise plan.

I also have other resolutions with regards to spending money (I buy far too many books), following up on half finished projects, etc. I’m optimistic about the new year, and I hope all of you are too.

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