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You would probably think that living with someone who shares a lot of likes with you would be great. It seems like it would cut down on arguments, etc. But, honestly, it can be quite frustrating. You see, quanta and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Where’d Those Words Go?

I am always sad when the weekend winds to a close. Tomorrow morning quanta and I have to walk up and head back to work. 🙁 This weekend was quite productive though, so I feel satisfied. I managed to catch … Continue reading Continue reading

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A Few Changes

quanta and I have made a few changes to the blog in order to help fight the overwhelming amount of comment spam that I have been getting. Commenting has been throttled to allow only one per minute and 15 per … Continue reading Continue reading

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What About Me?

I’m tired today, even though I’ve had plenty of sleep. My part-time hours at work are quickly sliding into full-time hours again. The store owner has only hired one new person, and she is not working out at all. Both … Continue reading Continue reading

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Soul Quiz

Thanks to everyone who has offered words of support. I’ve been feeling blah and down lately, so I let something get to me when I should have just shrugged it off. Thanks for the reminders. 🙂 On to the quiz! … Continue reading Continue reading

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Some Website Whining

Having a website can be very frustrating. Although I do get many nice comments and emails about the pieces I post over on The Lotus Pond, it is the rude and mean emails that stick with me the longest. Last … Continue reading Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2005! Let’s hope that this year is a wee bit quieter then the one just past. And I wish for all of you a great deal of love, joy and peace in the new year. Today my parents are … Continue reading Continue reading

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