Bid Now, Bid Often

I don’t think that I make a very good eBay seller. My first attempt to sell items actually went really well, partly due to the fact that I let everything go for really low prices. I was trying to clear out items I had had for years, and I really didn’t care much about how much money I may or may not make. But I was absolutely obsessed with checking my bids. I loaded up my My eBay page constantly to see if the bid on any item had gone up. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised with how it all went.

This time, nearly five days in, and none of my items have bids. They are all good items in excellent condition, yet no one seems to want them. All the items are sitting on my desks, looking at me sadly because no one wants them. Hmm… maybe that’s my problem. I should stop letting my items have a personality. 😉

Does anyone have any good advice to selling on eBay, or do books just in general not do well there?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful weblog.

    Ebay can be addicting, and frustrating. I have sold hundreds of items there, might be able to help. (I’m currently selling record albums on Ebay ,user profile wacomancer.)

    First, it helps to think of what you are selling as kind of a big garage sale. you don’t expect everything to sell, and it is nice when things do. And, you never know what will sell!

    Second, don’t worry about too low of a listing price. If there is a real demand for something, the price will get bid up. And if you start out too high, you may not get any bids, where if you start with a low opening bid, the item may go for more than the hight bid where you got nothing! II hope that made sense.)

    Third, be aware of the time you are bidding. I live on the west coast, and try to list items in the early evening, so USA bidders will be up and looking when my items close. If you item closes at 4:00 am, nobody will be awake to bid against each other.

    Son’t get discouraged by non-sales. I sometimes will list an item 3 or 4 times vefore it sells. You just never know.

    Blessings be with you,

    Pacific Druid

  2. I forgot to ask, does your blog have an atom or rss feed? I’d love to watch for activity on bloglines.