Me Time

The past week and a half has been all about taking care of myself. I’ve been to the doctor for a physical; I’ve started physiotherapy for my knees; and I’ve had an eye doctor appointment and learned that one of my eyes has strengthen significantly. Later today I have a hair appointment (an indulgence I’ve not had since June) and a massage (also, something I’ve not had since June).

Even though all of this is a bit costly, I’m beginning to realize that it is about more then the money. I don’t take good enough care of myself, and because of this problems get out of hand. The physiotherapist has said that much of the pain I have gone through could have been avoided if only I had tried physiotherapy earlier. And the eye doctor told me that my recent eye irritation is because I have let my contacts become too old. It is the details, the every day things, that make all the differences. I need to learn to look after myself better and to take care of these little problems when they crop up, rather then waiting until they get out of hand.

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  1. Sage says:

    Self-nurturing is something I’ve been working on for awhile, and it’s a very tricky thing, hard to turn into habitual behavior. It’s taken nearly two years to finally manage to take vitamins & supplements regularly, and I still struggle with drinking enough water daily, even though I like water!

    Good luck! You deserve your Me Time.