Will to Power

I have spent the last two and a half weeks all but glued to my television. I have been working hard at finishing Xenosaga 1 (a PS2 game), so that I can get started on Xenosaga 2. Nearly all of my spare time has been spent playing this game–approximately 40 hours. This is time that I usually spent writing, reading, doing cross stitch, and various other things. All of which have been neglected.

But, tonight, I finally finished the game. If I didn’t know that the second game was a direct continuation, I would be a little disappointed with the ending. Although, the game itself was very funny, and the story is full of interesting theories and twists. All in all, I don’t think it was time wasted, since the use of Kabalistic and Gnostic terminology has actually got me thinking about areas of study that I would like to explore further. It is funny how a video game can spur on one’s spiritual studies.

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