Who’s That Girl?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while are most likely aware that I have a wee bit of an identity problem. It manifests itself in humourous ways, like my dad calling me by my mom’s name and my mom calling me by my dad’s name (constantly). It also manifests in more serious ways, like people absolutely not noticing my presence (which happens more often then you would think). But I am learning to overcome these things and to embrace my (invisible) self.

I am finally learning that it is only myself that I truly need to please. And, of course, it is nice if I occasionally please quanta too… maybe. I am wearing colours I like, even if they are light and not the latest style. I also prefer petite jewelry, even though everyone else seems to like chunky stuff these days. (Chandelier earrings look awful on me, I think. And I don’t like them anyway.) And most importantly, I am working hard to discover who I am inside through shadow work, meditation, Tarot and astrology – methods that others may find “flaky”, but they work well for me.

So, when people actually see me and get my name right, they are seeing the real me that I am slowly and painstakingly uncovering.

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