My Body’s Wisdom

I love my body and trust its wisdom.

Considering my Zodiac sign of Taurus is perhaps the most down-to-earth and body-conscious sign, it is somewhat surprising that I have such a distant and tenuous relationship with my body. Because of my constant knee pain, I have often felt like it is betraying me. I have issues keeping my weight as low as I would like, and I frequently walk into things.

Okay, I’m sure part of the problem is that I have cravings for sweets and that I am a little more clumsy then the average person. But since I began physiotherapy and started to pay more attention to my body, I have found our “relationship” improving. I am more aware of what hurts and why, as well as the way my muscles stretch and move.

Although I have not completely restarted my yoga practice, I do find the poses I occasionally do to be much more effective. I am hoping that practicing yoga more regularly, along with a better diet, continued physiotherapy, and work with my charkas (especially the first and fourth) will help me to continue to build an excellent relationship with my body.

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