Seller Beware

Well, I’ve finally had enough of PayPal and eBay. A few days ago I got an email from PayPal saying that some money I had received came from fraudulent funds. (It was a real email, not a spoof.) When I tried to reply, the email bounced. Today I was finally able to talk to someone on the phone and I was told that I was out the money and the item, and I had to pay back the amount to PayPal. So, where exactly am I supposed to find $69.99 to pay them back? And what about my item, which actually was slightly meaningful to me. The entire situation has soured my feelings towards both PayPal and eBay. They seem to care a great deal more about buyers then sellers. The seller who purchased from me has bought many items recently, and there appears to be no action being taken against them. How many people has she scam ed, and how many more will she scam before her account is closed?

Once I have exhausted all avenues, of which there are very few, I will closing both my PayPal and eBay accounts. And I would also like to strongly warn everyone that if you are selling items on eBay, be sure you are covered by seller protection, otherwise you may end up being out money like I am. (I was actually told by the less then helpful customer service person that when I saw the transaction was not cover, I should have returned the funds to the buyer.)

Perhaps “Buyer Beware” should be updated to “Buyer and Seller Beware”.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Aww dear, that’s one ugly mess! So sorry to hear about it. 🙁