Good Luck, TW!

Today I am sad. My favourite cross stitch designer, Teresa Wentzler, has announced that she will be shifting her focus from cross stitch designing to art work. All her plans for future designs, with one possible exception, have been put on indefinite hold.
The Castle, designed by Teresa Wentzler and stitched by Me!

Ms. Wentzler’s designs played a big part in getting me involved in cross stitching. I was never very impressed with the rough, pixelated country-type designs that I often saw in stores. But Ms. Wentzler’s beautiful fantasy designs seemed made just for me. There are few other designers (Nora Corbett of Mirabilia, her mother Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum of Told in a Garden, and Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams, to name a few other of my favourite designers) who publish designs that I know I must stitch. I will miss seeing new designs from Ms. Wentzler. But if I must be honest, if I were only to stitch all the designs of her that I have already collected, I wouldn’t get through half of them in my lifetime.

I would also like to express my sympathy for Ms. Wentzler in regards to the death of her father in March. And a heartily congratulations to her brother, Andrew, who was married this past weekend.

I also look forward to have a piece of TW artwork hanging on my wall that I haven’t had to stitch for 100 hours. Instant gratification can be a good thing. 😉

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