Baby Dreams

An old friend of mine, who I’ve known for over 16 years, has recently had her second child. Both are beautiful little girls who I have only seen in pictures, since they live in New Brunswick. I am very happy for her, but I am also a little jealous. You see, I am 28 (!) and we have no plans anytime soon for a baby.

Sweet Dream Kitty

Some days I desperately want to have a child, and there is little doubt that I am certainly the mothering type (whatever that is). But there are other days when I’m not really sure if I want to give up the freedom I have right now for goodness knows how many years. Ultimately, I know we will have at least one child. And I know I will love him or her, and never (or rarely) regret the loss of my free time. Who knows when the day will come that quanta and I will decide to start our family, but until then, I will continue to be a little jealous of my friend and also think of baby names.*

* Silverlotus’ Baby Naming Theory – Write a list of baby names that you are considering, and take it with you to a playground, zoo, or some other place where there are many young children. Listen, and if three or more children share a name that is on your list, cross it off. Your child will likely go through school with at least two other kids with the same name. Automatically disqualified are the ever popular Emma and Cody.

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